1. The student’s position must be one of a responsible nature AND must relate directly to coursework in one of the Department’s programs. A minimum of 120 hours must be spent on internship-related activities.
  2. Generally, internships are unpaid; however, if a student’s place of employment relates Directly to Psychology or HD learning objectives, 80 hours may be used towards the completion of the 120-hour requirement. The remaining 40 hours must involve learning experiences outside of their regular duties. Examples include learning a new skill, creating a new project or other activities that are related to Department coursework. 
  3. The student must have a field/work supervisor who is willing to evaluate their work performance. Evaluations will be mailed to the field/work supervisor during the 7th week of the quarter. Students will be evaluated on punctuality and professionalism; however, ultimate responsibility for evaluating the student’s performance and awarding a grade will remain with the course’s faculty instructor.
  4. Students may propose their own sites by first conferring with the course’s faculty instructor.


  1. The proposed internship must be integral to the student’s academic program. 
  2. The student must have a 2.0 GPA in his/her major and overall college work and be of at least JUNIOR standing.
  3. Students must be acceptable to the employer or sponsor, so long as any judgment of unacceptability is not based on discrimination prohibited by law. 
  4. Students may take a maximum of 8 units of internship for credit toward a degree or certificate; however, please note that only 4 units of 575 may be applied in a major.


  1. Pick out an internship site. You can either go out into the community to find a site, or look through the internship site book located in SB-425. 
  2. Contact the internship site and have them agree to your internship and assign you a supervisor. 
  3. Fill out attached application/contract COMPLETELY (including call #, telephone #’s, addresses w/zip codes). Have your field/work supervisor sign the attached form. 
  4. Return the completed application/contract to the Department of Psychology in SB-425. Only fully completed applications will be processed. 
  5. After your internship site has been approved, the department will enroll you in the course. A copy of the contract will be returned by mail to you.


  1. Goals and objectives will be written during the first week of each quarter.
  2. Class will meet for 1 hour each week. Classroom attendance is mandatory.
  3. Incompletes will be granted under certain circumstances. To apply for incomplete, students must have successfully attended all regularly scheduled classes.
  4. The faculty member will have ultimate responsibility for the evaluation and grading of the student's performance in the internship. Typically, the 575 instructor will review the student's performance with the work supervisor before assigning a grade.

Download Internship Contract

Internship FAQs