Student Research

Student Professional Opportunities

In addition to excellent classroom instruction, the Department of Psychology also encourages students to take advantage of opportunities to engage in scientific research under the mentorship of individual faculty and to become involved in other professional activities supervised by our faculty. This out-of-the-classroom experience is invaluable if you are applying to graduate school.

Our undergraduate and graduate students in psychology and human development regularly present their research findings at professional conferences sponsored by regional and national organizations. Your trip as a presenter to a professional conference can be paid for by the University through ASI and the Office of Student Research (OSR). Professional organizations sponsoring conferences at which our students have presented their research include:

To become involved in research with one of our faculty, check out our convenient listing of faculty research programs.

Recent Conference Presentations by Psychology Students and Faculty

We invite you to browse some of the poster presentations below to see the kinds of research our students conduct under the mentorship of our award-winning faculty. Just select on the poster for an expanded view.

From the Neuroscience Labs of Dr. Crawford and Dr. McDougall

Age-Dependent Differences Study PDF One-Trial Behavioral Study PDF Behavioral Effects of Dopamine Receptor Study PDF Effect of adolescent and adult nicotine exposure Study PDF

From the Cognitive Labs of Dr. Clapper and Dr. Koshino

Weighing common and distinctive Study PDF Sensitivity to matching features in a category Study PDF Interactions Between Simon Study PDF Relative effectiveness of attention Study PDF

Shivangi Banerjee and Jason Tsukahara

From the Neuroscience Lab of Dr. Iniguez

Social Defeat Stress Induces Depression Study PDF

Dr. Sergio Iniguez and Lace Riggs

Raisa Ahmed, Steven Nieto, Lace Riggs, Norma Zamora, and Dr. Iniguez

Steven Nieto and Lace Riggs

From the Social Psychology Lab of Dr. Garcia

Failure and Shifting Standards Study PDF

From the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) Conference (January, 2014)

Sarret Seng, Melodi Bowman, Dr. Cynthia Crawford, and Dr. Arturo Zavalla

Shannon Eaton, Dr. Cynthia Crawford, and Zachary Harmony

Western Psychology Association Annual Meeting

WPA 2008 Pictures

WPA 2012 Pictures

WPA 2014 Pictures