M.A. Psychological Science Program


The Psychological Science program in psychology is a 51-quarter unit program designed to provide a broad background in psychology suitable for employment requiring a Master of Arts degree. The Psychological Science program is especially designed to improve the candidacy of students who wish to enter doctoral programs in any academic area of psychology. In the past 10 years, over two-thirds of students awarded an M.A. degree from the Psychological Science program were subsequently admitted to doctoral programs in the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on being a program that emphasizes individual educational mentoring. Between 10 and 15 students are enrolled each year. All Psychological Science M.A. students conduct original research as a thesis project. Research productivity of Psychological Science students and faculty ranks favorably when compared to other M.A. programs across the country.

Psychological Science faculty and students from the incoming class of 2015-2016. Back row (from left): Vanessa Carlos, Dr. Jacqueline Leventon, Dr. John Clapper (Program Director), Dr. Sergio Iniguez, Dr. Joseph Wellman, Dr. Cynthia Crawford. Front Row: Erin Alderson, Jessica Razo, Brittany Iparaquirre, Mina Selim, Dr. Jason Reimer, Dr. Hideya Koshino, Dorris Kamiya Stewart, and Dr. Bob Ricco


You'll be taught by the best-of-the-best at Cal State, San Bernardino. The Psychological Science Program in psychology at CSUSB has captured more Outstanding Professor and Outstanding Student awards than any other academic unit at the university. Seven faculty have been honored with the University's Outstanding Professor Award, a campus-wide distinction that is part of a California State University state-wide recognition program. The GE professors, and the year they earned the Outstanding Professor Award, are Fred Newton (1982), Diane Halpern (1985), Bob Cramer (1990), Gloria Cowan (1992), David Riefer (2000), Sanders McDougall (2001), Yuchin Chien (2008), and, continuing this remarkable tradition, Cynthia Crawford (2014).

The Psychological Science Psychology Faculty are: Yuchin Chien, John Clapper (program director), Cynthia Crawford, Donna Garcia, Cari Goetz, Sergio Iniguez, Hideya Koshino, Jacqueline Leventon, Michael Lewin, Sanders McDougall, Jason Reimer, Bob Ricco, David Riefer, Geri Stahly, Jodie Ullman, and Joseph Wellman

Program Course Requirements (50-51 units)

  1. PSYC 611 Advanced Independent Study (2-5) for a total of (5 units)
  2. PSYC 640 Advanced Methods of Psychological Research (4 units)
  3. PSYC 641 Analysis of Variance (5 units)
  4. PSYC 642 Regression and Nonparametric Statistics (4 units)
  5. PSYC 650 Advanced Cognitive Psychology (4 units)
  6. PSYC 652 Advanced Learning and Motivation (4 units)
  7. PSYC 654 Advanced Life-Span Developmental Psychology (4 units)
  8. PSYC 656 Advanced Biological Psychology (4 units)
  9. PSYC 658 Advanced Personality and Social Psychology (4 units)
  10. PSYC 699 Thesis (5 units)
  11. Eight (8) units of PSYC 500 - or - 600 -level courses, excluding PSYC 595, 611, 612 and 689.

Please feel free to call or email any of the Psychological Science faculty listed above for more information about specific areas of interest to you. To discuss the program and its relevance to your career goals, please contact the program director, Dr. John Clapper.

To apply to the MA Psychological Science program, please visit our Graduate Admissions webpage for deadlines and step-by-step instructions.