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Dr.Jodie Ullman

Jodie Ullman

Ph.D., Universtiy of California, Los Angeles
General Experimental Psychology
Multivariate Statistics, Measurement and Psychometrics

Contact Information:


Research and Teaching Interests:

Applied multivariate statistical analysis with emphasis on structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling. Research design and methodology. Longitudinal patterns of substance use and HIV risk behavior.

Courses Taught:

PSYC 641: Analysis of Variance ANOVA
PSYC 642: Regression and Non-parametric statistics
PSYC 643: Multivariate Statistics
PSYC 410: Advanced undergraduate statistics
Education 720: Advanced Quantitative Statistics

Representative Publications:

Lopez, S. R. Ramirez Garcia, J. I., Ullman, J. B., Kopelowicz, A. Jenkins, J, Breitborde, N. J. K., & Placencia, (in press, June 2009). Cultural Variability in the Manifestation of Expressed Emotion in Mexican American and Anglo American Caregivers of Relatives with Schizophrenia. Family Process.

Ettenhofer, M. L., Hinkin, C. H.,Castellon, S., Durvasula, R., Ullman, J., Lam, M., Myers, H., Wright, M., & Foley, J. (in press) Aging, Neurocognition, and Medication Adherence in HIV Infection: A Latent Modeling Approach, Neurology.

Myers, H.F., Sumner, L. A., Ullman, J. B., Loeb, T. B., Carmona, J.V., Wyatt, G. E., (in press). Trauma and psychosocial predictors of substance abuse in women impacted by HIV/AIDS, Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research.

Schumann, A., Stein J.A., Ullman, J.B., John, U., Rumpf H.J., Meyer C, (2008). Patterns and predictors of change in a smoking intervention study: Latent growth analysis of a multivariate outcome model, Health Psychology, Vol 27, s233-242.

Stein, J. A., Nyathmathi, A., Ullman, J. B, & Bentler, P.M. (2007). Impact of marriage on HIV/AIDS risk behaviors among improvished high risk couples: A multilevel latent variable approach. AIDS & Behavior, 11(1), 87-98.

Ullman, J. B. (2007) Structural Equation Modeling. In B.G. Tabachnick and L. S. Fidell, Using Multivariate Statistics, (5th Ed). Allyn Bacon: New York.

Cowan, G. & Ullman, J. B. (2006) A structural model of women's hostility toward women, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 30(4) 399-409.

Ullman, J. B. (2006). Structural equation modeling: Reviewing the basics and moving forward. Journal of Personality Assessment, 87(1) 35-50.

Stacy, A. W., Ames, S. L., Ullman, J. B., Zogg, J. B., Leigh, B. C., (2006) Spontaneous Cognition and HIV Risk Behavior, Psychology of Additive Behavior, 20(2), 196-206.

Carr?re, S, Yoshimoto, D., Mittmann, A., Woodin, E. M., Tabares, A., Ullman, J., Swanson, C., Hawkins, M. (2005) The Roles of Marriage and Anger Dysregulation in Biobehavioral Stress Responses. Biological Research for Nursing, Special Issue: Health Disparities, 7, 30-43.

Flook, L. Repetti, R. & Ullman, J. B. (2005). Classroom Social Experiences as Predictors of Academic Performance. Developmental Psychology, 41, 319-327.

Hazlett-Stevens, H., Ullman, J. B. & Craske, M. G. (2004). Factor structure of the Penn State Worry Questionnaire: Examination of a method factor. Assessment, 11, 361-370.

Nelson, D. R. Hammen, C. Brennan, P. A., & Ullman, J. B. (2003). The Impact of Maternal Depression on Adolescent Adjustment: The Role of Expressed Emotion, Journal of Clinical and Consulting Psychology, 71, 935-944.

Ullman, J. B., & Bentler, P. M. (2003). Invited Chapter - Structural equation modeling. Schinka, J. A.(Ed), & Velicer, W. F.(Ed). Handbook of psychology: Research methods in psychology, Vol. 2. (pp. 607-634). New York, NY, US: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. .

Ullman, J. B. & Bentler, P. B. (2003) Invited Chapter - Structural Equation Modeling. Handbook of Data Analysis, M. A. Hardy and A. B. (Eds.). London: Sage. .

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