Faculty Profile

Sharon Ward

Associate Professor, MACD Director
Ph.D., Universtiy of California, Riverside, 1998
School Psychology

Contact Information:


Research and Teaching Interests:

Currently I am collecting data with Dr. Wilcox on creativity in children as it relates to extra-curricular activities. We are also working on a paper that examined developmentally appropriate and inappropriate preschool teaching practices.

My background in School Psychology focused on assessment of young children especially functional analysis of disruptive behaviors, depression in early adolescence, peer rejection and social skills in middle childhood.

Honors and Awards:

Elected to Membership in Phi Kappa Phi, National Honor Society, May 1993.

2003 Professor of the Year Award from the CSUSB Panhellenic Council

2002 Professor of the Year Award from the CSUSB Panhellenic Council

2/22/02 Coyote Student-Athlete Counsel: Faculty Appreciation Award for contribution and support of Coyote athletes

2006 College of Social and Behavioral Science Outstanding Service Award

Representative Publications:

Wilcox-Herzog, A., & Ward, S.L.(2004) Measuring Teacher-Child Interactions: A Tool for Assessing Beliefs and Intentions. Early Childhood Research and Practice, 6, 2.

Gresham, F.M., Lane, K.L., MacMillan, D.L., Bocian, K.M., & Ward, S.L. (2000). Effect of positive and negative illusory biases: Comparisons across social and academic self-concept domains. Journal of School Psychology, 38 (2).

Gresham, F.M., MacMillan, D.L., Bocian, K.M., Ward, S.L., & Forness, S.R. (1998). Comorbidity of hyperactivity-impulsivity-inattention + conduct problems: Risk factors in social, affective, and academic domains. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 26 (5).

Lambros, K.M., Ward, S.L., Bocian, K.M., MacMillan, D.L., & Gresham, F.M. (1998). Behavioral profiles of children at-risk for emotional and behavioral disorders: Implications for assessment and classification. Focus on Exceptional Children, 30 (5).