Faculty Profile

Dr.Amanda Wilcox-Herzog

Amanda Wilcox-Herzog
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Purdue University, 1999
Human Development
Early Childhood Education

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Research and Teaching Interests:

My work generally examines contextual influences on children's development with particular empahsis on early childhood classroom influences. Other areas of emphasis include teacher's verbal interactions with young children, the congruence between teacher's beliefs and behaviors, how teachers move from novice to expert, and the impact of various training techniques on teacher practices in early childhood education.

Courses Taught:

Theories of Play
Guidance and Discipline of Young Children
Early Childhood Curriculum and Programs
Infant and Toddler Development
Early Literacy
Personality and Social Development

Representative Publications:

Wilcox-Herzog, A., & Ward, S. (2004). Measuring teachers' perceived interactions with children: A tool for assessing beliefs and intentions. Early Childhood Research and Practice, 6(2), http://ecrp.uiuc.edu/v6n2/herzog.html.

Wilcox-Herzog, A. (2002). Is there a link between teachers' beliefs and behaviors? Early Education and Development, 13(1), 81-106.

Kontos, S., & Wilcox-Herzog, A. (2001). How do education and experience affect teachers of young children? Young Children, 56(4), 85-91.

Wilcox-Herzog, A., & Kontos, S. (1998). The nature of teacher talk in early childhood classrooms and its relationship to children's competence with objects and peers. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 159(1), 30-44.

Kontos, S., & Wilcox-Herzog, A. (1997). Influences on the competence of children's play with objects and peers in early childhood classrooms. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 12(3), 247-262.

Kontos, S., & Wilcox-Herzog, A. (1997). Research in Review: Teachers' Interactions with children: Why are they so important? Young Children, 52(2), 4-12.

Student Research Projects:

  • What Professionals and Parents Value as Important to Childcare Quality with Margarita Espinosa
  • Effects of Early Literacy Intervention with Gloria Kinzler
  • Playful Sciencing in the Early Childhood Classroom with Barb Kirby
  • Coloring Inside or Outside the Lines:The Relationship between Type of Preschool Attendance, Creativity, and Child-rearing Beliefs with Heather Hammond