PSYC 100 Research Requirement

Welcome to Psychology 100. In addition to coursework assigned by your professor, this class has a participatory requirement discussed on this page—the PSYC 100 Research Requirement.

Psychological data and theories depend upon the research methods used to obtain them. Thus, exposure to research and research methods is an experience that is invaluable to understanding psychology. At most universities, some exposure to psychological research is generally required of students enrolled in introductory psychology courses. At CSUSB, the Department of Psychology requires each student enrolled in PSYC 100 to complete fourteen research credit units (~5 hours of your time) to gain some familiarity with, and appreciation of, the aims, methods, problems, and results of psychological research. The PSYC 100 Research Requirement must be fulfilled to receive a grade for the course.

Failure to complete the research component will result in an Incomplete for the Course!

If you receive an incomplete you will need to complete the assignment before you receive your grade for the class. If the requirement is not completed within a year of the day the incomplete was assigned, the incomplete will become an F.

Details on Participating in Research:

  • Students must request a CSUSB SONA account to sign up to participate in research studies. Only studies completed through SONA will count toward completing the research requirement. Go to SONA and click the “Request Account” button.
  • Students must complete 14 units of research participation (roughly 5 hours of participation time).
  • Only 6 of the required units (~3 hours) may come from completing online studies. The rest must come from completing in-person studies. You earn more credit units for an in-person study than an online study of the same amount of time. You may complete as many of your units through in-person studies as you would like.
  • Completing the Mass Testing Survey online earns you 2 Units (roughly 1 hour) and may qualify you for future studies you will not be eligible for if you don’t complete it. This is only available to complete the first week of class (see Important Dates)
  • If you sign-up for Laboratory studies and fail to show up twice without canceling, you will be removed from the SONA system and will have to complete the Alternative Assignment to fulfill the research requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to complete the research credit units you may complete an alternative assignment. Information about the alternative assignment can be found here : ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT

Please review the Important Dates to Remember page to review quarter deadlines.

Review the information provided in the above links. They contain all the information you need to complete the research requirement. If you have a question not answered somewhere on this site, submit it here. If your question is already answered here, you will be directed to find the answer on this site. Do not ask your PSYC 100 Instructor questions about the research requirement.

The PSYC 100 Research Requirement Teaching Assistant will hold a small number of office hours during the quarter for questions. The time/place of these hours will be listed on the PSYC 100R Blackboard page, which will become available after the census date for the quarter.

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