Alternative Assignment

Alternative Writing Assignment – (If not able or willing to participate in research)

The alternative assignment asks you to locate 3 scholarly journal articles published within the last 6 months and write a 2-3 page report about each of them, reflecting on specific questions about the research conducted.

  • You must choose these articles from one of eight acceptable scholarly journals: Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Evolution and Human Behavior, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Biological Psychology, Child Development
  • Articles must be published within the last 6 months. You may use multiple articles from the same journal, and on the same topic, or you may use articles from different journals on different topics. But the articles must come from one of the journals listed above and be articles from the last 6 months.
  • A library research guide and full details on this assignment are available.
  • The alternative assignment must be submitted by 5pm on the last day SONA is available (see Important Dates). There is a Turnitin link accessible through the PSYC 100R Blackboard page to submit. You will not have access to this page until the quarter Census Date (see Important Dates). You will turn in your reports to via the Blackboard page. You also must print out PDFs of the articles you read and turn them into the Psychology Office SBS 425.

Read the library guide and the assignment pdf located in the library guide. This should answer all your questions. There will be TA office hours listed on Blackboard. You can meet with the TA then if you have other questions.

The alternative assignment is designed to take about as much time as it would take to complete the research units- about 5 hours. Do not wait until the day it is due to start. Assignments that do not follow the directions and that do not fully answer the questions will receive no credit. There is no partial credit for the alternative assignment- either you get credit for completing all three reports accurately and completely, or you get no credit. You should only use this option if you are unable to participate in research.